Inspired by stories of failure

Illiac Ventures founders come from humble beginnings that start-ups will resonate with. The company shares a similar story that students from top computer science schools can relate to.

Our team

 “The silver lining of our founders’ journey was how they iterated so quickly through a series of failures in a span of 1.5 years.”

Karthik Ravi
Co-founder/CTO of Trymata
Ex Facebook, Former Eng. Manager @ Ordergroove


Shruti Goli
Co-founder/CPO of Trymata
Ex Microsoft, Former PM @ Microsoft Endpoint Analytics


Mike Yao
Professor of Digital Media, Marketing and Informatics @ UIUC

Principal and Founder of the Hub for Brand Innovation and Advertising Technology

Founder of the Technology and Social Behavior Lab

Get to know the founders a little deeper

Karthik and Shruti were exposed to startups & building real-world apps. They bootstrapped their company, Stitchology (acquired by Trymata), while working at Facebook and Microsoft, respectively. They built and sold a lean company with 95% margins and have now created a network to easily and quickly spin out companies.

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"The best investments and partnerships are done today with the right strategy. Later might be too late."