Our Mission

ILLIAC (Illinois Automatic Computer) was a series of supercomputers designed and built by UIUC between 1951 and 1974. One of ILLIAC's greatest accomplishments is calculating the trajectory of the Sputnik satellite.

To carry on the tradition of innovation started by the ILLIAC project, we hope to provide top computer science students and top technical founders in the United States who are lacking in venture fund connections with a strategic solution to jumpstart success.

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Our Values

Passion for Excellence

Excellence is built by complementing analytical skills with proper foresight in the roll-out of products. We value preparation and feedback with experienced mentors in the industry. Best practices and real-world examples are laid out to set the groundwork for success.

Drive for Innovation

Companies are empowered to fulfill solutions that place a high value on the holistic needs of the consumer. With our constant drive for improvement and change, we challenge entrepreneurs in making sure the latest requirements of today’s tech landscape are met.

Partnerships grounded in trust

We make sure that both startups and investors alike have a mutually beneficial relationship founded in trust. We build this trust through familiarity with all stakeholders and by ensuring due diligence in identifying mutual interests, values, and goals.  

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"The best investments and partnerships are done today with the right strategy. Later might be too late."